EHR Software with Chiropractors in Mind

Chiropractic electronic medical records (EMR) software
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CoAction Inc. was founded in 2007 by Frank Ju and Travis Lucero with the goal of providing the most efficient and compliant Chiropractic EHR system for the healthcare profession. With their combined Fortune 500 experience in Silicon Valley, they sought to bring compliance and security benefits to chiropractic software.  

A Better Option for Your Practice

The resulting Chiropractic EMR software was created by a desire to see a better-quality software arise out of the dim available options in the early 2000’s, which were mediocre at best. That’s when CoAction Inc. decided to bring its top technical know-how to the Chiropractic market.

Our aim is to maximize efficiency for your practice by making your clinic’s computers process and expedite patient flow instead of being a glorified typewriter. We give you a simple, easy-to-use system to keep your patient information organized so you can focus on providing excellent patient care—not staring at your computer screen.

What Our Customers
Say About Us

This software is amazing and will fit any technology level. This software can manage your schedule, billing, and even does complex calculations to tell you where you need to focus in your practice. You as the doctor can create customized macros to save you time on notes and be more effective with patients.

- Andrea S.

As a newer employee, I have found this system to be extremely user friendly and helps with time management.

- Lisa T.

This product is extremely easy to use on the administrative side of it. I enjoy being able to easily add, edit and view patient information. Adding treatment codes and different appointment types is also very efficient.

- Natalie G.

Sales & Support

Our effort to create the best solution for your practice includes a commitment to excellent support. Contact us for information about sales, support, or to request a demo.